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Chase Short Sale Priority Partner Real Estate Agent Referral Progrma

August 26, 2012

Over the past three years, Chase has helped prevent almost 
half a million foreclosures by aiding homeowners with 
home loan modifications. In other cases, if the homeowners 
believe they will continue to have trouble paying their 
mortgage, selling their property may be the best choice.
Short sales are useful for homeowners who owe more on 
their home than it is currently worth. Chase may accept less 
than the amount we are owed. And, the homeowners can 
control the timing and terms under which they move.

Your opportunity as a Priority Partner 
real estate agent:

Many homeowners interested in selling their property do not 
know an agent with short sale training and experience. To 
assist them, Chase has initiated the Real Estate Agent 
Referral Program, through which the names of three 
qualified agents are provided to homeowners considering 
the short sale of their property. The choice of which agent to 
work with is completely up to the homeowner.  

To be considered for the Chase Real Estate Agent Referral 
Program, you must: 

 Be a Chase Priority Partner real estate agent

 Have a valid state real estate license for at least 
two years

 Have errors and omissions/professional liability 
insurance coverage for at least $500,000 per claim

Have relevant short sale training from one of the 
following sources:

     - Charfen Institute’s CDPE (Certified Distressed 
Property Expert) 

     - National Association of Realtors’ SFR (Short Sale & 
Foreclosure Resource)

     - Equator’s Short Sale Certification Program

     - Five Star Institute’s Short Sale Certification Program

 Be able to access and use Equator’s software 
platform for real estate agents 

   Attend our short sale process training

If you are interested in applying for the Chase Real Estate 
Agent Referral Program, click on the link sent to you in the 
email from your Loan Officer.

Once your application is received, a specialist from our Real 
Estate Agent Referral Program will review the information to 
validate that all requirements have been met. A specialist will 
contact you within four business days.  

If you have additional questions about the program, please 
contact your Mortgage Banker.

Information Provided by: Chase News Release

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