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Bank of America Changed My Door Locks Prior to Foreclosure

May 29, 2013

     A lender has the right to secure a property that they determine to be vacant and unmaintained even if they have not yet foreclosed on the property.   This often happens with Short Sale listings and it drives the home owner and listing agent nuts trying to get into their own property.  But if you get locked out here is what you can do:

     First check all the doors for a combination lock-box.  If you find a 4-digit combo box, try the last four digits of your loan number.  This is their default setting for most pre-foreclosure lock changes.

    If that doesn't work you can contact their national field services and property preservation company, Safe Guard, who is responsible for all the security checks and lock changes for Bank of America.  Be aware that if you are not the home owner, you will need an 3rd Party Authorization form on file with Bank of America for them to give you the combo.

     For Property Preservation questions or issues, please call Safeguard Customer Service at: 800-852-8306, option 1, ext 2158

      Lastly, if you can't get access to your property through the field services company, you can contact Bank of America directly at their Property Preservation Resolution Department at 866-515-9759 or .

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